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Macroeconomic Outlook

November 2019

The markets clearly have been more optimistic since last month as a trade agreement between the US and China seems to be back on track, the Brexit turmoil has briefly faded and the economic outlook has slightly improved. Wall Street is on a record-hunt and most indices in Europe reached the highest levels in recent years. Long-term interest rates also rose again in the US and even in Europe.

Macroeconomic Outlook

October 2019

Over the past few weeks, the markets have shown two sides. At first, it appeared that nothing could stand in the way of further progress, especially because the market hoped for a speedy solution to the trade conflict between the US and China. Fear of recessions finally caused the most profits to be wiped out in just a few sessions.

Macroeconomic Outlook Q4 2019

Anyone who thought that the financial markets would take it easy during the summer months was up for a challenge. Huge price movements were recorded on both the stock and bond markets. However, towards the end of August, the market the market straightened out and since then the various equity indices have not looked back…

Macroeconomic Outlook Q3 2019

In Q2, markets were carried away by the changing policies of the central banks, the tweets of US President Trump, the ups and downs of the Chinese-US trade war and the generally weaker macro figures.

Macroeconomic Outlook Q2 2019

The first quarter of 2019 was one of the best quarters in the stock markets over the past decade. Given the huge uncertainty among investors at the end of 2018, few would have dared to hope for such a revival. The turnaround at the Federal Reserve, the conviction that trade matters will work out between China and the US …

Macroeconomic Outlook Q1 2019

For many investors, 2018 is a year to be quickly forget. Almost all asset classes declined, except for unattractive government bonds, while volatility reappeared after years of absence. Especially during the month of December, traditionally rather calm, price movements (and losses) were very marked.

Macroeconomic Outlook Q4 2018

On the financial markets, the relative calm of the summer months has definitely disappeared. The Italian political crisis is rising again while the US long-term interest rates increases. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, almost all stock markets lost ground. Is the tone set for the rest of the year or is it just another temporary dip? The investment team of ShelteR keeps a close eye on various elements in order to refine its strategy in the coming weeks and months.

Macroeconomic Outlook Q3 2018

Financial markets remain traditionally calm during summer. But given today’s market challenges, it is not certain that this trend will continue in the coming months. The trade war in particular caused some tensions at the end of June. In the meantime, the EU and the United States have reached an agreement that should alleviate tensions between Brussels and Washington. But on the contrary, the trade war could escalate between US and China.

Macroeconomic Outlook Q2 2018

2018 started off quite spectacularly. Markets were confronted with a sharp drop in prices, an increase of long-term interest rates and a sudden increase in volatility. Since a long time, investors were again confronted with market uncertainty. But in recent weeks, despite the geopolitical situation and the threatening trade war, markets have brightened up again. Investors, however, are shifting their attention to the reporting season and the first figures have already confirmed optimism.

Macroeconomic Outlook Q1 2018

First of all, we wish you a prosperous and stable 2018! May health and happiness be with you this year.

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