Shelter Wealth Solutions

ShelteR Planner

Our in-house expertise for all

ShelteR Planner assists investors seeking a straightforward actively or passively managed investment solution within an existing framework. ShelteR manages your portfolio by allocating between some existing UCITS funds. These are often fund of funds that invest in a wide range of best-in-class third party fund managers.

ShelteR Architect

Our specialist solution

ShelteR Architect targets investors seeking a more specialist solution. ShelteR has built expertise in many asset classes and works together with specialized investment boutiques. Whether, you are interested in smart existing portfolios of listed real estate, alternative UCITS or sustainable stocks, ShelteR offers investors the possibility to invest in its existing specialist portfolios.

ShelteR Engineer

Our tailor-made offer

ShelteR Engineer is for investors seeking a tailored solution. Such portfolio will be designed specifically for these investors.