Fund Management

You are looking for an experienced fund manager to manage your fund?

ShelteR is a Luxembourg Chapter 15 management company, licensed to offer fund management services both in Luxembourg and Belgium. We offer our fund management services to third parties who already have their specific fund structure in place, but who lack the necessary licenses or infrastructure to properly carry out the fund management. At ShelteR, we have a team of experienced fund managers who are able to offer their investment and trading desk capabilities.

ShelteR always works as a sparring partner with its clients and will conduct an investment policy that matches the client’s recommendations. ShelteR offers its clients the possibility to assist them on different levels:

  • Investment policy: ShelteR will give its recommendations for the set-up of the investment policy and will carefully implement the policy rules.
  • Compliance: Comply with the actual regulation and laws is one of our top priorities. ShelteR will therefore conduct a compliance check before executing every transaction in order to avoid any breach.
  • Execution: Once received the compliance approval, ShelteR will set out a trade blotter and will transmit the orders with the chosen custodian bank.
  • Control: A thorough follow-up is necessary. ShelteR will take care of controlling the order execution and the booking in the fund.
  • Responsibility: ShelteR will only select appropriate investment instruments and will be held responsible for the investment decisions in front of the regulator.