Management Company Services

You are looking for a dedicated vehicle or structure to launch your own fund?

ShelteR, regulated by the Luxembourg regulator (CSSF), offers fund managers and advisors the necessary assistance for the launch of a dedicated fund or umbrella, including domiciliation and risk management services. ShelteR works as a partner with its clients, who wish to develop an investment solution, and will carefully design the most appropriate structure and will assist in the set-up and operational monitoring of it.

Setting-up a new vehicle, whether it is a UCITS IV compliant structure or an alternative investment fund, requires a specific knowledge. ShelteR has built up the necessary know-how over the years, which enables you to fully focus on your core activities while ShelteR takes care of the set-up and operational handling. In order to carry out the necessary assistance for the successful launch of your vehicle, ShelteR will assist in the following domains:

  • Regulatory: The set-up of a new vehicle has to respect all applicable laws and regulations. ShelteR will therefore handle all the external communications with regulatory counterparties.
  • Legal: A proper framework and legal contracts are necessary. ShelteR will assist with the preparation of legal documentation.
  • Domiciliation: We offer the possibility to register your vehicle at our premises.
  • Implementation: ShelteR has set-up good relationships with custodian banks, fund administrators and other service providers over the years. The implementation of your vehicle will therefore be led by us in order to assure a correct start.
  • Operational: In order to make sure the vehicle maintains its long-term objective, ShelteR will regularly organize Board and Shareholder meetings. Next to that, ShelteR will also safeguard and handle all the external documentation and communications respectively.